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ZAA is a multidisciplinary team of architectural designers based in Montreal. If you have a strong commitment to quality and have a desire to collaborate with passionate creative professionals where excellence is paramount, we are interested in talking to you.

Designing a space is a delicate matter in which nature must be privileged: such an approach creates a clear relationship with the environment, puts an emphasis on the landscape, inspires emotions with light, and anticipates devices capable of generating architectural sense and harmonious geometric shapes.

We develop each project to meet specific goals. Project plans are established along with the budget. We choose the type of construction that is most appropriate for the site according to its characteristics. Main considerations include cost estimate, required safety regulation and collaboration with stakeholders involved in the project.

Zoubeir Azouz, Principal Architect

Architect Member at the Ordre des Architectes du Québec OAQ

European Professional registered at the French Order of Architects

Lecturer at the Faculty of Environmental Design of the Université de Montréal

MScA. Master of Research in Architecture, Université de Montréal

DEA. Master of Architecture, École d’Architecture de Paris-la-Villette

DPEA. Post-graduate studies, Naval Architecture, École de Paris-la-Villette

Architects-Engineers Design Award at the École des Ponts-et-Chaussées


Aurore Foray

M. Arch. ENSAP University of Bordeaux
Project manager

David Tremblay

M. Arch. University of Montreal
Architectural designer

Guislain Gasgnier – M. Arch. / Luc Pécourt – M. Arch. / Marco A. Fuentes – M. Arch. / Emre Eren – M. Arch. / Charbel El-Kik – M. Arch. / Rami Chetoui – M. Arch. / Petter Brandberg – M. Arch. / Marion Valleroy – B. Arch. / Pierre Watine – Intern / Ricardo Celis – B. Arch. / Zina Berrada – B. Arch. / Mam Boyo Tall – B. Arch. / Ahmed Ajam – T. Arch. / Carina Rose – M. Arch. / Moana Lebel – Biologiste / Marie Dehaene – Landscape designer / Eddie Begley – Designer / Claire Gallant – Designer / Dominic Boulerice PhD. / Elyse Leclerc – Designer / Omar Mendoza – M. Arch. / Gulnaz Aksenova – M. Arch. / Jing Zhao – M. Arch. / Elena Radeva – M. Arch. / Mariama Mbow – T. Arch. / Masoud Elahi – M. Arch. / Nicolas Guillaumin – M. Arch. / Scott Duillet – M. Arch. / Mathieu Brasebin – B. Arch. / Maxime Leblanc – B. Arch. / Marianne Laporte – B. Arch. / Adriana Mogosanu – B. Arch. / Nikita Lina – B. Arch. / Vicky Jia Bao Wang – B. Arch. / Melissa Boisjoli – T. Arch. / Minh Cuong Le Nguyen – T. Arch. / Nisanthy Mahatevan – T. Arch. /


Seeking for highly creative and extremely hands on Architectural interns & Designers. Responsibilities include research and development of architectural concepts, advanced modeling, 2D documentation, material specification, model making and 3d printing. Minimum duration of three months. To apply, please submit a CV and a short work sample to :