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fablab, parametric, parametricdesign, 3dmodeling, 3dprint, lasercut, 3dscan, digitalfabrication, fablab, rhino3d, grasshopper3d, designlab
fablab, parametric, parametricdesign, 3dmodeling, 3dprint, lasercut, 3dscan, digitalfabrication, fablab, rhino3d, grasshopper3d, designlab
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Here at ZAA, we believe that creativity is paramount and for that reason we launched the DesignLab to explore and prototype complex geometry and parametric objects.  Whether you are just starting to learn 3D programs or are an experienced 3D modeler, our Lab will provide you with the tools necessary to turn ideas into projects and projects into physical objects. The DesignLab offers courses, support and prototyping equipment at competitive prices to allow you to get the most out of our services. Welcome to our community !

Digital Fabrication Workshop


Our DesignLab features state-of-the-art equipment allowing you to turn any idea into a physical 3D model. Our large Laser Cut printer allows for rapid prototyping of various materials. Laser-Cut printing is the fastest and most cost-effective way to turn your project into a physical object. Our 3D printing machines allow for precise small-scale prototyping. With a variety of colors to choose from, 3D printing is a great way to create precise models with little to no assembly time. Our trained team also provide one-on-one 3D modeling assistance for any Digital Fabrication project no matter its complexity. To book a session with one of our experts for modeling assistance or for any questions regarding material compatibility and availability for our equipment, feel free to click the links below.

Parametric Design Trainings


Our courses are open to all industry professionals, students, and enthusiasts seeking to build solid knowledge with Rhino 3D & Grasshopper 3D. You’ll learn how to create and edit accurate free-form 3D NURBS models. Classes cover all functionalities, including the most advanced Surfacing commands and Parametric design thinking. Our approach is based on architectural references of various scales, however, professionals in other fields can benefit from the courses. You’ll learn step-by-step 2D drawings and 3D modeling with multiple exercises and strategies. All Rhino and training material seen in class are provided for your use. Our courses follow a hands-on approach with our interactive classes given by Certified Rhino Trainers. Computers may be borrowed, please contact us for availability. Register early to save your spot !

Laser Cut
The Laser-cutter allows cutting and engraving objects and materials with high precision. Cutting transfers a 2D computer drawing onto various materials. The pieces can then be assembled to create 3D objects and models.

Compatible materials : Plywood, MDF, Foamcore, Workboard, Cardboard, Bristol, Canson paper, Acrylic, PETG, Leather, Cloth.

Incompatible materials : PETG (1/16 and thicker), ESKA cardboard.

*Please contact us for compatibility with materials not listed here, we reserve the right to refuse the cutting of a material we deem incompatible with our machine*

Maximum printable area : 880mm x 560mm

Compatible 2D drawing format : .ai or .dxf (< 20 mb in size)

Price : 65$ per hour.



3D Scanning
Our entry-level Sense 3D scanner allows you to capture the volume and even the colour of scanned objects. Once the volume completely integrated by the scanner, we will extract a 3D file for you to 3D print or play around with.

Compatible Objects : With an operating range of 0.20 m. to 1.60 m., you can scan anything from a coin to a full-height human body.

Incompatible Objects : Highly reflective materials, high polished materials, light sources.

Output : .obj 3D file.

Price : 45$ per hour.



3D Modeling
Need help turning your ideas into accurate 3D models ? Our Certified Rhino Trainers can transform even the most complex geometry into 3D model ready to be rendered, cut or printed.

Book a free no-obligation consultation where we’ll assess your needs and provide you with a fair quote and timeline.



3D Printing
Our 3D printers allow you to print 3D models with very high accuracy. If you’re looking to prototype something with a unique shape, the 3D printer is the best tool for the job. With a precision of 70 to 200 microns, our printer can create smooth plastic models, jewelry, replacement parts, components and much more.

Materials : ABS, PLA filaments, other filaments such as Woodfill, Metalfill are available by request.

Compatible 3D file format : .obj or .stl

Price : 65$ per hour.



Introduction (free)
This workshop is designed as an introduction to 3D modeling in a relaxed atmosphere. During the two hour period you will explore the basic functionalities and potential of 3D modeling with Rhino 3D.

Course Objectives :

_ Play around with Rhino and other 3D modeling software

_ Explore the potential uses of 3D technologies

_ Discover 3D Printing and Laser Cutting

_ Ask questions

Duration : 2 hours (3 p.m. – 5 p.m.).



This beginners course objective is to familiarize trainees with Rhino 3D fundamentals and teach them to create and edit 3D models using NURBS geometry.

Course Objectives :

_ Utilize Rhino 3D user interface features

_ Customize your modeling environment

_ Create basic objects-lines, circles, arcs, curves, solids, and surfaces

_ Model with precision using coordinate input, object snaps, and SmartTrack tools

_ Use control point editing to modify curves and surfaces

_ Export and import models to and from different file formats

Price : 485$ (Saturdays – 2 sessions of 4 hours – 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.)



This fast-paced class starts with the review of the fundamentals and continues with the modeling assignments aimed at learning efficient modeling techniques, with the use of both basic and more advanced modeling tools.

Course Objectives :

_ Complete various modeling projects on your own, without written tutorials

_ Use advanced modeling tools and techniques not covered in the basic course

_ Use free-form modeling with surfaces and solids

_ Create 3D models of real-life objects

_ Understand advanced modeling techniques

_ Work on your own projects

Price : 485$ (Saturdays – 2 sessions of 4 hours – 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.)



In this class you will learn tips and tricks for faster and simpler creation of high quality models. This class is recommended for users who are experienced and familiar with most of Rhino functions.

Course Objectives :

_ Use NURBS topology

_ Understand curve and surface continuity

_ Use advanced surfacing techniques

_ Understand various approaches to the modeling process

_ Create 3D models from 2D drawings

_ Create photo-realistic rendering

Price : 485$ (Saturdays – 2 sessions of 4 hours – 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.)