Embrace BIM at BIM Summit 2015
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Embrace BIM at BIM Summit 2015

ZAA is pleased to announce a join collaboration with the European BIM Summit 2015.
EBS15-The European BIM Summit 2015 is taking place on February 12th & 13th in Barcelona at the BCN World Trade Centre.

Europe’s building life cycle needs to urgently incorporate new technologies to be able to innovate and offer the sector a new future. The BIM concept covers control and management of all information generated in the design process, from the conceptual design phase and decision-making at the construction stage (by means of modelling) to the most advanced phases of structural and installation design and, most importantly, during the period of production, management and maintenance of an existing building that is transformed or is of new construction.

Author : Ignasi Perez Arnal – Contents director & co-founder at BIM Summit Barcelona 2015 – Professional Engineer Magazine Issue 85 – p.10-11.

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