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55th IFLA World Congress | Singapore

ZAA attended the 55th IFLA World Congress in Singapore, which focused on the themes of Biophilia, Smart Cities and Resilience.Returning to Singapore for the second time, the 55th International Federation of Landscape Architects 2018 is the largest and most significant event for landscape professionals in

World Biomimetic Challenges and Awards 2016 | Barcelona

ZAA joins the 55th World Biomimetic Challenges and Awards Advisory Committee as Honorary member.WBCA’s Advisory Committee is an international network of recognised biomimetics and innovation professionals who will select the finalists from which those attending the World Biomimetic Challenges & Awards conferences in June 22nd

Smart City InFocus | Yinchuan – China

Zoubeir Azouz joins leading experts to the International Smart City InFocus 2015 Conference | Yinchuan - China In partnership with the City of Yinchuan and ZTESoft, TM Forum Smart City InFocus 2015 brings together 200 leading experts from around the world to accelerate the adoption of smart

Understanding and creating 3d forms

The 17th International Conference on Engineering & Product Design Education E&PDE15' 3 & 4 September 2015, Loughborough university, Design School, Loughborough, UK.   Understanding and creating 3D forms using familiar objects. Mithra Zahedi, Zoubeir Azouz | University of Montreal Keywords: design education, learning-by-doing, design methods, spatial geometry, 3D construction.   -- Summary of

L’approche biomimétique des toits | ARQ

Synergie et transitions : vers l'action - Section 2 - L'approche biomimétique des toits - Article publié dans la revue ARQ - Mai 2015 - p 26 et 27.-- L'approche biomimétique des toits. - Auteur : Zoubeir azouz.Observer la nature comme une source d’inspiration est une

Smart City Expo | Montréal

Speaker at the opening panel of Smart City Mtl Expo, on the crucial role of cities in climate change & green energy policies.Le rôle des villes face aux changements climatiques et politiques d'énergies vertes The crucial role of cities in climate change and green energy policies-- Table ronde

Embrace BIM at BIM Summit 2015

ZAA is pleased to announce a join collaboration with the European BIM Summit 2015. EBS15-The European BIM Summit 2015 is taking place on February 12th & 13th in Barcelona at the BCN World Trade Centre.Europe’s building life cycle needs to urgently incorporate new technologies to be able

Smart City Expo World Congress | Barcelona

ZAA takes part of the world's top experts to debate their visions of sustainable and efficient city development.Rethinking the present and future of urban growth. Smart City World Expo Congress the key meeting point for experts and leaders of the world's most innovative cities, companies,

Experimental Curvature

Design Paramétrique et Architecture Générative / recherches formelles / exploration de systèmes naturels auto-organisés / évaluation structurelle et formes géométriques / simulations physiques en temps réel / prototypage / impression 3d / assemblage de formes préfabriquées.-- Parametric Design and Generative Architecture / form-finding / exploring self-organized