Smart City InFocus | Yinchuan – China
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Smart City InFocus | Yinchuan – China

Zoubeir Azouz joins leading experts to the International Smart City InFocus 2015 Conference | Yinchuan – China
In partnership with the City of Yinchuan and ZTESoft, TM Forum Smart City InFocus 2015 brings together 200 leading experts from around the world to accelerate the adoption of smart city standards and best practices. The smart city industry is growing rapidly and has far-reaching impacts on society, from delivering services to improve citizens’ lives, to making government more responsive and effective and allowing businesses to grow and thrive.


Creating a smart city blueprint
Enabling the smart city digital ecosystem
Understanding the fundamentals that underpin the building of smart cities
Engaging citizens and designing citizen-centric smart services
Harnessing data analytics to improve the life of citizens in smart cities
Building safe and secure smart cities

Smart City Anatomy (City Protocol, 2015).