World Biomimetic Challenges and Awards 2016 | Barcelona
Architect in Montreal
Architecture, Design, Montreal
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World Biomimetic Challenges and Awards 2016 | Barcelona

ZAA joins the 55th World Biomimetic Challenges and Awards Advisory Committee as Honorary member.

WBCA’s Advisory Committee is an international network of recognised biomimetics and innovation professionals who will select the finalists from which those attending the World Biomimetic Challenges & Awards conferences in June 22nd at Palau Robert, Barcelona.

A multidisciplinary approach to sustainable design allows us to create architectural projects taking nature as a model. We have long drawn from nature as a sources of inspiration to imagine living spaces, bringing man and nature closer to one another. Humanities evolution will be based upon ecological evolution and supported by innvation. Learn more about the World Biomimetics Foundation Project designed by ZAA architects by following this link