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Viger Masterplan | Montreal

-- Mixed-use project, more than a million square feet in area, built around the gare Viger, one of Montreal’s most noticeable heritage buildings. Altogether, the project will include 200,000 square feet of retail space, focused mainly on food and neighbourhood services, as well as 300,000 square

Teleport | Montreal

-- The Téléport carries a magnificent visual experience of the urban landscape of Montreal. It is primarily tourist-oriented and focuses on the discovery of Montreal in an original way and allows to enjoy an attractive panoramic view of downtown and the St. Lawrence River, for the

World Wide Vita | Barcelona

-- The first World Wide Vita Center is located in Sant Cugat, near Barcelona in Spain. It is a space for entrepreneurship and mentoring for new businesses. It was designed as a versatile and innovative space, embodied by the curvilinear acoustic roof. Mandate: Conceptual and Detailed Design.

Babylon Towers | Montreal

-- Babylon Project consists of two towers. The first is residential and rises to 120 meters high with 40 floors. The second is 26 storeys and includes shops on the ground floor along René-Lévesque Boulevard, as well as offices in the upper floors. Two "suspended gardens"

Al Siraj | Muscat

-- Al Siraj Project is located in Muscat (Oman) at the gate way of Al Jami Street leading to Seeb airport heights. Main expectation was to develop a commercial and residential complex in a phased manner and the completed development will showcase as a single compact