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Saint Regis | Saint Constant

Located in the municipality of Saint-Constant, Le Grand Saint-Régis is a 536-unit residential development. At the center of an urban landscape fragmented by sprawling housing and scattered activities, the project helps to consolidate the urban fabric. It creates a link between the eastern neighborhood, including

Rooftop extension | Rosemont

__Residential extension project on the rooftop of a quadruplex located in Rosemont. This project illustrates the ability of the mezzanines to regenerate the city through rooftops. These places are conducive to existing buildings redevelopment and architectural enhancement by the assignment of new functions on rooftops,

The Concorde | Laval

The Concorde project is located in the Pont-Viau neighborhood in Laval, on vacant land accessible from Concorde boulevard and Patenaude street.   The play of volumes and materials on the facades illustrates the articulation of the residential units on each floor. The various typologies of these