Minimal Surface | Exploration
Architect in Montreal
Architecture, Design, Montreal
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Minimal Surface | Exploration

Parametric Design and Generative Architecture / form-finding / exploring self-organized systems inspired by nature / Merging geometric design and physical evaluation / Performing basic stress tests on models allowing real time interaction / prototyping / 3d printing / prefab assembly.


“We need not, however, hope to be able to imitate, in general work, any of the subtly combined curvatures of nature’s highest designing: on the contrary, their extreme refinement renders them unfit for coarse service or material. Lines which are lovely in the pearly film of the Nautilus shell, are lost in the grey roughness of stone; and those which are sublime in the blue of far away hills, are weak in the substance of incumbent marble. Of all the graceful lines, we shall do well to be content with two of the simplest. We shall take one mountain line and one leaf line, or rather fragments of them, for we shall perhaps not want them all.” — John Ruskin, Stones of Venice, 1879./h6>