Saint Regis | Saint Constant
Architect in Montreal
Architecture, Design, Montreal
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Saint Regis | Saint Constant

Located in the municipality of Saint-Constant, Le Grand Saint-Régis is a 536-unit residential development. At the center of an urban landscape fragmented by sprawling housing and scattered activities, the project helps to consolidate the urban fabric. It creates a link between the eastern neighborhood, including a train station and shops, and the western neighborhood, with its pavilions and public amenities.


The 28,000 square metre site is bordered by the Saint-Régis river to the north and a railroad line to the south. Located in a TOD (Transit Oriented Development) zone under the PMAD (Plan Métropolitain d’aménagement et de développement du Grand Montréal), the project aims to densify and optimize living environments adjacent to public transport access points.


The proposal features a series of blocks, varying in height from four to twelve storeys, nested and superimposed perpendicular to one another. This design follows the city’s urban layout, marked by a grid of streets fragmented along North-South and East-West axes. It also avoids a monoblock appearance and lightens the overall volume. The gaps created by the interlocking blocks are used for circulation and provide access to a strolling path that blurs the boundaries between the project’s interior and the surrounding countryside. A facade treatment unique to each block creates a subdivision of varied scales and makes the system more flexible.


Three large visual openings along the vertical axis create a visual link between the river and the railroad line. Vegetated plateaus crown each block and serve as common spaces for all residents. These facilitate integration into the natural landscape and offer views of the surrounding area.

Role: Lead architect.