Shimmer Time | Vancouver
Architect in Montreal
Architecture, Design, Montreal
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Shimmer Time | Vancouver

Shimmer Time artwork is showcased on the west wall of Lonsdale Quay Exchange North Vancouver.


Our mandate consisted of developing the concept of the 100-meter long public artwork installation, complex geometry modeling, parametrization and iterative analysis of the evolutionary structure, design for easy prefabrication, assembly and installation principle.


The artwork is comprised of a series of undulating metal panels that have been treated with a light-reactive holographic pigment that mirrors and symbolizes sunshine reflecting over the water. When animated by a hidden set of lights the sculptural wall activates in aphenomenal play of light and movement.


The sculptural work inspires people to take a minute off their screens and to take in the world around them. The small details: subtle shifts of light,subtle shifts colour. These small things that transform the world around us. The aartist was inspired by a unique journey of the SeaBus crossing, coming and visiting North Vancouver. And extending that experience into this space.


The SeaBus crossing is a twelve-minute journey and in that time, anything can happen. The smallest thing from the sun coming out and hitting the light on the water, or to the cries of excitement of a small child who’s experiencing the water as it rocks back and forth. That kind of thing is what really inspires those emotions.

Role: Lead architect in collaboration with award winning multidisciplinary artist Aliya Orr.