Atelier international du Grand Paris – Workshop Ignis Mutat Res | Chicago
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Atelier international du Grand Paris – Workshop Ignis Mutat Res | Chicago

Ignis Mutat Res Workshop at Chicago on the future of Urban Roofscapes – June 12-13-14, 2013 – Chicago, Ill.

An international architectural and urban design Workshop addressed at invitation to scholars, professionals, local government representatives and students of architecture hosted by Helmut Obata Kassabaum architecture and urban planning HOK Chicago with lectures hosted by the AIA – American Institute of Architects – addressed to the AIA Committee on the Environment on the topic of architecture and urban sustainability: envision the role of roofscapes. The workshop is part of a multidisciplinary research effort on Urban Skin in Regard to Energy and Ecosystemic Services: Anticipating Architectural and Urban Forms and Strategies. Learning from Chicago, Montreal and Paris. The research is funded by the Department of Culture and Communications and the Department of Energy and Sustainable Development of France awarded to one of 8 teams based in France, Canada and the USA supported by the IGNIS MUTAT RES (Atelier international du Grand Paris – AIGP) program launched by the French government.

Local government officials present:
City of Chicago: Benet Haller, Director of Urban Design, Sustainable Development Department
City of Montreal: Benoit Gariépy, Building Management Department, Energy and Environment Division

Participating architects:
Chicago: HOK, Gensler
Paris: Nicolas Michelin, Franck Boutté
Montreal: Aedifica, ZAA architects
Toronto: Lateral Office

IMR Program scholars present:
Carlo Parente, IIT School of Architecture,Chicago
Sabri Bendimérad, ASC Lab at Paris-Malaquais School of Architecture
Chantal Pacteau, GISClimat Enviromnnement Société, Paris
Pierre Boyer-Mercier, University of Montreal School of Architecture
Rebecca Williamson, University of Cincinnati School of Architecture and Interior Design
Louise Vandelac, ISE University of Quebec at Montreal Institute of environmental science
Alena Prochazka, University of Quebec at Montreal